We are in the midst of an unsteady economy and I did the unthinkable. I resigned from my position on Tuesday and unless you despise your job~ which I do not~ there is a mixed bag of emotions and I have, admittedly, shed some tears.
At the same time, God is giving me peace in this decision. There are other things for me to do; the time had come. Having spent over 4 years in various positions at my home church, I will leave behind the familiarity of staff who have become close friends and volunteers who have come alongside me to serve in various ministries. I will leave behind relationships.
I pour a lot into friendships and wear my heart on my sleeve. This afternoon, as I shared the news with a few select people who happened by my office door, it became harder to say the words each time.  Finally, I just called it a day and headed to the car.

Despite our best intentions, our lunches together will become sparse and when I attend service on Saturday or Sunday, I  will no longer be privy to the items discussed in staff meetings or the plans for future projects.
My workplace will become my place of worship. Period.

Life is made up of transitions and this is the beginning of a beautiful transition. I made a difference where I was and I intend to make a difference where I am going ~ this isn’t anything more than putting on another hat and finding a new passion…and there are many in my head. I sit in anticipation of what God has in store and what doors will be flung open.  In any case, there is peace in the decision. I will draw closer and wait.

While I wait, I will write. I will paint the guest room that I bought paint for 9 months ago and never had the time to execute the task. I will cook! I will play with the dogs and I will take an occasional afternoon nap. I will read! I will spend much more time in quiet devotion and reflection and I will browse B&N book shelves while sipping on a Starbucks chai tea latte. I will refresh my soul and renew my spirit.

I will become a more devoted wife who isn’t too tired to discuss daily events or walk the dogs after dinner. I will have time to focus on home projects and eliminating clutter…in the cabinets and on the calendar.

This is a transition I wasn’t expecting until God’s promptings made it so clear that even I could no longer deny the push. There are no regrets and no misgivings…His peace is all over this decision… but the rest is still unwritten.


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  1. Aww. You will be missed. I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I’ve often thought those same thoughts about what it would be like not working there. Not being privy to the inside information anymore. I would hate that! Ha ha. (I’ll fill you in, btw) I also totally understand the demands of working full time, being a good wife and mother, maintaining a household and having energy left over. It’s impossible.

    Well, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

  2. I am not privy to inside info now so when I leave my ignorance will still be bliss…I am going to miss your sense of humor (warped as it is, oh wait it’s mine that is warped – sorry for the confusion) and the enthusiasm you bring to everything you do. It has truly been a pleasure working beside you and I feel blessed for the opportunities to do so. Enjoy your husband, kids and pups as you turn the page to this new chapter in life.

    1. I am going to miss you and your wit, my friend. What a blessing it has been to work with you. On my first day at GFC, you were the only one here when I arrived and your first words were “Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!” with your infectious attitude. Thank you for your kind words.

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