Just another Monday

My last week working as an Assimilation Director will be spent primarily from home ~ that’s the beauty of a web-based database. I can literally do everything from my dining room table. Gather my data, follow up with people, and answer emails all in a fraction of the time I can get those same tasks completed in my office. I love that there are those who really embrace the idea of getting the job done from wherever you are!

I cleared out my office last week when only a few people were left in the hallway ~ the tears flowed freely and as I shut the door to go home with the final box overflowing with 4 years of memories, and leaving only my lamps to be retrieved this week, I had to pause before hearing the familiar sound of the door locking behind me. It is so bittersweet. Much accomplished and much I had wanted to see done but that’s for someone else now.

My focus will shift in time and I’ll be less sad than I am this morning. I’m a girl that hates good-byes; always have. There were plans made for the staff to meet in the sanctuary this Thursday to pray for me and to offer their well wishes and though I LOVE the gesture, it isn’t in the cards for me. Last Thursday was incredibly difficult and the very idea of being an emotional basket case in front of people I have come to view as my second family is just too much. More than I can do. I hate good-byes.

Back to work emails and issues for now ~ God is touching lives and it’s my job to follow up! Have a blessed week, all….and thank you for your kind words in the last several days. You have no idea what you mean to me.


2 Replies to “Just another Monday”

  1. How wonderful that you’ve been so open to the Lord’s prompting, Amy. Tha’ts HUGE!
    Let me encourage you to GO THURSDAY!
    It doesn’t matter that you’ll be a blubbering mess. I have a feeling you won’t be alone – you’ve touched lives. Just as your life is changing, your move is changing their daily lives as well. There are those who will be ministered by your presence. It’s not always about us.
    You can do it. :o)

  2. My blubbering mess is best kept behind closed doors…not very pretty. 🙂 Thank you, Joy, for being so sweet and encouraging. Here’s to our futures!

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