Now I’ve really done it. Facebook, Twitter, iChat….all so passe’.

I’ve downloaded Skype. You know what this means, don’t you? I can’t just roll out of my bed with mascara smeared under my eyes, with my hair looking like Medusa, and my tattered PJ’s hanging off my shoulder. Well, I can but I’d better not get near my laptop like that.  Nope, gone are the days of just checking a quick email while the coffee zips through my veins and allows my eyes to fully open. Instead, I must be polished and ready to present myself to the world at a moments notice. Oh…I regret this already.

The reason for the Skype? My son is going to Italy today. 6 weeks of arduous studying abroad ~ photography can be so demanding. His final project will be to document, through photographs, the sites of Florence and surrounding cities. Poor guy. Everyone knows there’s absolutely nothing interesting in Italy to photograph.

duomo in Florence, Italy

I bet he won’t be able to find anything decent to eat, either.

Sunset in Florence

So I’m going to Skype because, clearly, I need to make sure he isn’t losing weight or looking too bored while he’s got his nose to the grindstone. Truth be told, I’m sure he’s more interested in Skyping with Roscoe who is his constant companion and who will cry for days after Nick boards that plane. Yeah…well, who can blame him.


Technology is crazy. We’ve already used Google Earth to see his apartment building, which is on a quaint street that is loaded with vendors and the hustle and bustle of Mopeds, pedestrians and tiny little cars. I’m so happy that he’s getting this opportunity…and so anxious, as moms tend to be. And even though my morning appearance may need a dramatic makeover because of the possibility to chatting with my son halfway around the world, I am thankful. That little piece of mind is going to save me!



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