The interview

Can I get a big AMEN from everyone who would rather have their shoulder pulled out of joint than have to endure an interview?

It’s not my favorite thing, either. Fortunately (and miraculously), I’ve had a great deal of success in impressing people given 30 minutes or less. No idea why except that I am pretty transparent ~ why sugarcoat with a persona that doesn’t come close to the authentic me? In other words, if  I pretend to be a sales guru and then can’t sell a sandwich to a starving man…well, the cover is blown eventually, right? I may as well let them know who I am right away and let them decide whether it’s a fit. I’m all about saving time!

However I do or don’t impress during an interview, the process is normally awkward and uncomfortable. We all want to capsulize our history, strengths and attributes while simultaneously displaying our personality. So much easier said than done. I liken an interview to how I remember the clubs from back in the day. Does anyone else remember that process?

There is a need to be noticed and set apart, the perfect attire is important, the initial verbal contact has to be perfect~ not too much nor too little, the ensuing conversation should be breezy and effortless, the negotiation has to be carefully non-offensive and the goal is in closing a deal that is mutually rewarding for all parties.

I wasn’t a big fan of the clubs and am not a big fan of the interview. That said, I had a second interview today for a position that I wasn’t looking for but am very excited about. It seems like a perfect fit; aligned with my experience and definitely in an area of interest and passion. Hugely important for me because I want to work to make a difference; not a paycheck.
I did it…I survived the sweaty palms to advance to another meeting. I have lived to see another day and am still being prayerfully considered. 🙂

I will keep you posted! In the meantime, praying that MY desire for this position matches God’s desire for my life. If it doesn’t, I know that God will close this door and fling another wide open.

Be blessed!


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