Father’s Day

There is little that makes me happier than watching someone enjoy “their day”.
Yesterday was, of course, Father’s Day. W was woken up by a phone call from our 24 year old daughter~ she was silly and happy and all of the things that make her uniquely funny and endearing to us. Hearing her wish her dad a Happy Father’s Day and watching the smile spread across his very sleepy face was priceless; it set the tone for his day.

Having our son home from Italy was great for W, too. Nick shared his European pictures with his grandparents, who came by for a Fathers Day lunch. W had the day he had wanted; relaxation and family.

On the other hand, my dad and I remain estranged. The why’s are almost unimportant now but as time marches on the opportunities for reconciliation lessen and, sadly, my desire to cross that bridge lessens, too. Yes, I understand the importance of family. Yes, I understand that our days are not guaranteed. Yes, I know that acceptance and forgiveness are necessary. However, when I researched the very definition of reconciliation, this is what I found.




the process of making consistent or compatible.

Without intervention from God, he and I may never find consistency or compatibility. Our lives and experiences have sent us in different directions and much has been said and done that causes those opposite directions to hold fast.
For now…
Only God knows where our compasses will point tomorrow.


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