Yesterday was reminiscent of the day we all gathered around our televisions to hear Judge Ito instruct the jury to read the OJ Simpson verdict. I remember where I was, of course, and it’s noteworthy because that particular trial had a racial undertone that pitted the society at large one against the other. W and I were in a large hospital waiting room in mixed company of people from all walks of life and representing many cultures and races. The shock of the verdict was palpable. The celebration by those who felt he was innocent (or maybe they really didn’t care if he was or not) was a difficult pill to swallow. Blood samples, shoe imprints, motive, previous abuse, etc. all pointed to a very clearcut case of guilty~ in MY opinion~ but 12 people thought otherwise. Well, 12 people and a room full of hospital waiting room onlookers.

Yesterday, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder charges. We all watched, we all have our opinions, and we all have to make peace with what the jury collectively determined. Though my personal viewpoint matters little, my stance is that Casey is probably responsible for the death of her daughter. Ironically, her lies and delays probably did assist her in ultimately being found not guilty. Too much time, too much decay, too many rabbit trails, too much false testimony, and too much dysfunction gave the prosecutors a tough case to work with. Circumstantial evidence appeared pretty clear to me but there just wasn’t that ONE piece of irrefutable proof and, I believe, the jury did as they were instructed. The system our country has in place has been utilized to determine an outcome via trial and we, as a society, have to swallow that pill….bitter as it may be. The hideous, huge pill that should be causing us to choke is that a toddler died at the hands of someone who, at the very least, believed her life was worth so little that her remains should be discarded in a swamp.
The difference for me in hearing these two verdicts read is that when OJ was acquitted, I didn’t fully understand and embrace the ultimate judgment of God.
OJ, Casey, and me….we will all be judged for every activity.

“God will bring into judgment
both the righteous and the wicked,
for there will be a time for every activity,
a time to judge every deed.”  ~Ecclesiastes 3:17

Caylee, not quite 3 years old, is no longer with us. She is resting in the arms of Jesus and those who brought harm to her will pay a price. Ultimately.

The heartbreak is not that the party, or parties, responsible for this have gone unpunished here on Earth…thus far. The real heartbreak is that Caylee isn’t here. So instead of judging anyone from Casey to the jury to Casey’s parents now that the trial is complete and the verdict determined, we just need to let judgment be done by God as He has promised.

Be blessed,

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