Refrigerator Magnets

On my refrigerator doors, I have coupons, lawn service evaluations, concert tickets and doggie day-care report cards. And pictures? I had pictures on my refrigerator this morning that had been there awhile. A long while. Ok, yes, at least three years.

My son had that long, wavy brown hair that was the precursor to his now #3-guard shaven head. There was the Senior picture of him up there, too, with the uncomfortable looking suit and tie. This is a kid that routinely wore shorts in the snow because he claimed he was always hot. Jeans were considered formal attire because they covered his entire lower half so the senior picture appears contrived. Unnatural.
Next to that was my daughter in one of the many prom dresses I spent too much on. I actually may have kept that one displayed because next to her is Eddie Royal who is now in the NFL. (Yep, they were friends). On second thought… no. I kept that picture displayed because she looked amazing. Stunning.
There were a few pictures of W with his dad~ the girth of his dads belly notably slimmer in the more recent photos courtesy of LifeStyle Fitness.

For some odd reason, I decided that today should be the day of change. Out with the old, in with the new. All of the older photos were relegated to the side of the refrigerator (that equates to the photo underworld) and current, smiling faces now adorn the door that I open about 16 times more a day than is warranted.

For me, I think this was an attempt to remind myself that there are still happy times today. I tend to get wrapped up in the “remember when’s” like old people who sit around lamenting on how the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. How easy it is to fondly reflect on yesteryear. God is good like that~ He heals wounds and makes us look at almost everything, given enough time, through rose colored glasses. I like to think it’s just one of His many gifts to us. It makes forgiveness easier and memories sweeter.
But the truth is that today is sweet. Today is going to be tomorrow’s memory and I’d like to be in the moment….so when I go now visit the refrigerator door, I am blessed by knowing that I am surrounded by an amazing family. Yesterday….AND today.

Be blessed,

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  1. Good one! I decided that this summer, when we get back home, I am going to buy an album and fill it with all the photo greeting cards. That will probably leave me an empty kitchen drawer…or two!

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