The Secret

A few years ago, I was introduced to a very special curriculum while attending a function hosted by “A Woman’s Place”. Many of you who subscribe to my blog are well aware of Pat Layton and her testimony that eventually led to the founding of “A Woman’s Place” which is now under the umbrella of Life Impact Network.  For those of you not familiar with Pat and her efforts, please consider visiting this link that will give you a very brief overview of how she has devoted the last 25 years of her life~ it will really assist you in understanding the passion I have for her (and for her ministry!) before I go any further.

So as I was browsing the display tables prior to the beginning of the luncheon, I was introduced to the curriculum that I mentioned earlier. The material sat on the table and women~ several women~ were inquiring about how they could enroll in this group. Surrendering the Secret is a course for post-abortive women, whether that abortion was 20 years ago or last year. The dirty little secret that no one talks about was sitting right there in the midst of a beautiful banquet room. I didn’t even notice anyone averting their eyes from it in an effort to look detached.

I was intrigued. As a new member of a church staff at that time, I was anxious to find a group that I could lead…something that wasn’t quite a bible study…something more personally fulfilling. I spoke to one of the STS leaders that was manning the table and she indicated that they absolutely needed more leaders and that I should consider attending the upcoming leader training. Eventually, I did just that.

Well, as so often happens, life events and work schedules got in the way of my ever actually attending a group myself (which is a pre-requisite to leading a group, naturally). That will all change when I begin the group in just a couple of weeks!

Since first meeting Pat a couple of years ago and having had the opportunity to be part of events her organization has hosted and other events where she has been a keynote speaker, my admiration for her and for her passion and commitment has grown tenfold.  I’m sincerely honored that she has presented a wonderful opportunity to me…all in God’s timing…to not only lead future STS groups but to be a National Trainer by late this year. Honored doesn’t begin to explain my feelings.

I’m likely going to be writing a lot more about Life Impact Network and my adventure in helping to restore women affected by a past abortion. In my very small effort to educate you about the need for something like this let me just throw some alarming statistics your way. But before I do, let me ask. Do you personally know anyone who has had an abortion?

Even if you think you don’t, trust me. You do. I 100% guarantee it.

  • 43% of women have experienced an abortion
  • 1.2 million pregnancies end in abortion every year in the United States alone
  • In more than 14 metropolitan areas, abortions outnumber live births

Burying our head in the sand doesn’t make the sad truth disappear BUT there is hope in healing. Women can experience freedom and beauty where shame, guilt and regret took residence.  It begins with bringing the secret to light.

Thank you, Pat Layton, for instilling confidence in me. Thank you for standing tall as you tell your story again and again. Thank you for being a sweet spirit in the battlefield of abortion and in the quest for full restoration. You inspire me!
















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