Whacky Summer

What a crazy, whacky summer this has been. I’m actually not referring to the bizarre weather in this case~ though crazy and whacky would be accurate.

It’s just been a summer of extreme feelings.

Leaving my job of 4 1/2 years back in April…there was peace followed by panic followed by peace followed by regret followed by peace. That wasn’t over the course of weeks, either~ those emotions took place within moments. Blurred and often muddled, I wrestled with myself. Questioned myself even more often than other people questioned the decision and, believe me, a LOT of people asked me the why’s of my decision.

Fortunately, in the midst of my second guessing and reflection, one thing is finally certain. It was the right decision. Deep, deep down where push comes to shove, I knew that God and I were in complete agreement. That didn’t make it a whole lot easier, I’ll be honest.

Fast forward four months. Today, I’m rested. Renewed. Closer to God than I have been in a long time…closer, even, than when I worked inside church walls.

Had it not been for this season of renewal~ physically and spiritually~ I wouldn’t have been properly prepared for what He had planned next for me. On August 2nd, I blogged about volunteering for a ministry that is near and dear to my heart. Today, I am honored to have been invited to serve as a staff member.

Please pray for my heart to remain open to all that is before me. I am so deeply grateful to be in a place of surrender.


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