IS time on my side?

In the months leading up to my 16th birthday, time didn’t move. I felt like a cruel joke had been played whereby the calendar just ceased to advance. There were times when I felt that I would be stuck at the perpetual, non-driving age of 15 forever.

NOW I look at the calendar and, like so many of us, scratch my head. What happened to August? How is this possible? There are 117 days until Christmas which means we have about 17 more days until the retailers start bombarding us with Christmas displays and commercials. That’s another thing~ am I imagining things or did we start ramping up Christmas marketing after Halloween once upon a time? Now it’s Labor Day. Jeez.

I have, more than likely, rounded the turn and am headed back to the finish line where my lifespan is concerned…well, unless Willard Scott plans on giving me a Smucker’s “shout out” when I turn 100. I have no doubt that Willard will somehow be preserved and still stumbling through the centenarian birthday wish segment on “The Today Show” in 2064.

All of this to say I hate wasting time..we all do. And yet we all waste it like it isn’t really this precious commodity; this priceless gift.
It occurred to me this morning that people invest their “free” time in a multitude of ways~ some like to shop for hours on end, some can sit on Facebook for hours and not even realize it, and some use their hours blessing others.

I don’t want to be one of those people who just wastes the gift of hours, days, and weeks… when did conversation get replaced by a laptop? When did we begin to tether ourselves to our cellphones instead of being with the people in front of us? Wait~ you DO realize that when you’re talking to someone and texting someone else, that’s not really quality time, right?

We’re spreading ourselves thin. Our relationships are suffering.

Sorry for the rant….I guess I’m feeling the frustration of watching people be frivolous. I really do long for the days of old sometimes.


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