My Fortress

The walls I put up have been torn down..for now, at least.

Several months ago I put privacy restrictions on my blog. There were a few reasons why I felt like it was justified and prudent. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ve decided that my putting up walls doesn’t necessarily keep anyone out ~ but it definitely keeps me in.

The real restriction wasn’t about monitoring and approving viewers of my posts; the real restriction was on me. Do you ever get a little perturbed when circumstances force you to change the way you “do business”?  Sure, most of us do. They’re like the little road construction detours of our life. This detour made me react by closing myself off ~ talk about a road trip gone bad!

At the time, I felt coerced. Manipulated to change my path and dive behind walls that would somehow protect me.   And then I remembered…

2 Samuel 22:2

The Message (MSG)

2-3 God is bedrock under my feet,
the castle in which I live,
my rescuing knight.
My God—the high crag
where I run for dear life,
hiding behind the boulders,
safe in the granite hideout;
My mountaintop refuge,
he saves me from ruthless men.

So, in the spirit of returning to what motivated me to begin writing blog posts nearly two years ago, here goes nothing. I’m an open book, so to speak. There goes one more monkey off my back ~ they’re dropping like fleas! 🙂

Be blessed!


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