Where were you?

There are just a few events in our lifetime that we can recall, with clarity, the exact moment we heard or saw something that impacted our lives or touched our souls.
For me, it was the Challenger tragedy in 1986. The OJ acquittal in 1995. Princess Diana’s death in 1997. Columbine High School shooting in 1999.




Nothing compares to September 11, 2001

Nothing compares to that day. You know where you were when you heard about it. You still feel your disbelief as you watched the towers fall. You know the complete and utter sadness as you heard each name of the deceased read aloud and watched each family member mourn. We mourned with them…and we still do.

We are the United States. We are rebuilding on the site where our Twin Towers once stood and we are fighting against terrorism on foreign soil. We are resilient and stalwart.  On this anniversary of the worst tragedy to ever befall this country, I will not fixate on what evil was done; instead, I will focus on the heroism of those who successfully thwarted at least one plane from unknown atrocity. I’ll focus on the firemen who faced certain death in efforts to save strangers and on those who cleaned up NY City in the aftermath. I’ll focus on those who are rebuilding at that site every day and on the families of those left behind. Remembered and honored will be those affected in Washington, DC at our pentagon. I’ll continue to pray for our military; those who put themselves in harms way every single day to keep us safe.

Good will always prevail over evil.  God bless the United States.



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