Gifts of all kinds

I’m back!…whew, this weekend presented itself with a very interesting itinerary.

Saturday morning began with a road trip to Tallahassee for the FSU/OK showdown.  Though the result wasn’t what we had hoped for, the ‘Noles gave a valiant effort, especially without their QB who left the game with a shoulder injury. At one point in the 4th quarter when the score was tied at 13 each, it looked like we might upset the Sooners from their perch at #1 but it was short-lived and we had to swallow defeat after a long day.  Anyway, the story of the day was Doak Campbell Stadium~ breaking attendance records, louder than any crowd I’ve ever personally heard, alive with excitement and promise. I’m so glad my son’s senior year is culminating with the school spirit at this level. Win or no win, it was a great day…

We road tripped home, a little wearier than the day before and when we arrived back to our quiet house, I did a quick shower and re-pack for a flight to Ohio. Well, technically, a trip to Ohio via a connecting flight in North Carolina. It was a rather long evening and when I found myself trying to navigate parts unknown in my rental car at 1am somewhere between Kentucky and Ohio, I thought that maybe I had lost my mind when I booked this flight.

What a shame that I only got to enjoy the amazing Tempur-Pedic mattress for 5 hours at the historic little hotel before I was out the door and off to my first Certified Leaders class (professionally, anyway) at Faith Church in Milford. What a great group of ladies! It truly was an honor to meet them and absorb their enthusiasm in wanting women to heal from the heartbreak of abortion. God has called many gifted women to lead and they are responding with deep commitment.

And my extra special gift of the day? An opportunity to spend the evening with my favorite girl in the entire world. How perfect that my daughter only lives about 30 miles from the church and I was able to squeeze in a few hours with her Monday night before returning home yesterday.

As I was walking out the door to go to work today, I got a little gift of another sort. I was feeling pretty warm and glanced at the thermostat to learn that as summer is ending (supposedly), my air conditioning has decided to not cool my home. It is now failing at its one purpose. YUCK. They have advised me to turn off the unit altogether until they arrive within the hour and so now I am sitting at my kitchen counter watching the thermostat read 85. Awesome. So….waiting for cool air and wondering how much the relief of the cold breeze is going to cost me.

Still feeling abundantly blessed? Yes, I really am. The good so outweighs the bad.

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