What will they think of next?!

Yesterdays blog was heavy….today’s is NOT!  🙂

If you are anywhere near my age, I’m about to blow your mind today.

I was browsing Facebook this morning when I saw my son had just posted. Ok, it’s 7am. My boy hasn’t woken up at 7am since high school and even that’s a stretch…he wasn’t really awake for school. He was vertical.

So I did what moms do~ I sent a chat message that asked a completely dumb question that I already knew the answer to.

“Please tell me you’ve been to bed”


“Jeez! It’s 7am!!”

“I was at a silent disco”

“Ohhh…..a silent disco. Sure. That makes sense.”

I’m sorry~ what? A silent disco? Now he mentioned this concept of a silent disco to me last week and, admittedly, I thought it was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. I’m guessing you haven’t heard of it so I’m about to, as promised, blow your mind. Check this video out in its entirety~ it’s only 4 minutes.

Silent Disco Explanation

Can you imagine this back in the 80’s? Well, no…the headphones wouldn’t have worked with our big hair, for one thing. NOTHING came between Aqua Net and our hair.

Oh, man, time marches on. How did I become my mom, shaking my head in utter confusion?
Unlike my mom, however, I’m secretly wishing I could do this. Throw a silent disco party with REAL disco and invite all of my friends for a 2:30-6:30am after hours dance fest!! Of course, we’d all have to sleep the entire day to prepare and sleep the entire day afterward to recoup…and then we’d all come down with colds because our resistance was down.

Maybe we could have our silent disco from 2:30-6:30pm.

We’re not as young as we used to be….but don’t you kinda wish we were?

Be blessed,


3 Replies to “What will they think of next?!”

  1. Seriously? How fun would that be? I think I’d have the most fun just listening to everyone sing the songs without the music playing in the house…

    You have homework Amy… Find one here in our area!

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