The Battle

As a person who is likely halfway done with this life, I have learned a few things. I’ve learned by observation, by experimentation, and by application. I’ve learned from my mistakes and, without a doubt, the mistakes of others. I have, like yourself, grown while stumbling and regressed while advancing. Always evolving, always seeking, always learning.

Life is a series of miscues, opportunities, realizations and interpretations and though I’m not entirely certain about many things, I do find truth in my faith. So here is the battle going on in my head…..

My tolerance for things I used to ignore has disappeared. While not necessarily problematic for ME, it has proven to be confusing and irritating for others. While trying very hard not to judge (lest I be judged), my heart breaks for what breaks His.

So here I am. Closer to God.
Further from just about everyone else.


It’s a very disconcerting place to be, quite honestly.

BUT the rules have changed for me and I find that playing the game doesn’t hold as much appeal.

Now I guess I just want my friends and loved ones to sit out with me.

Closer to God and further from everyone else isn’t the easy road….but it is absolutely MY path.

Be blessed,





2 Replies to “The Battle”

  1. I have been there and am still worming my way out of this place. I trust that God understands the healing that still needs to happen in my life. Yet, it is difficult for other people. I want to be more pleasing to Him and certainly, to have more peace In Him.

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