Follow your Dreams

Everyone is writing a book these days. Okay, not everyone…but a lot of unlikely people! With the introduction of self publishing, we can all have our words forever bound. Now getting anyone to actually buy your bound words~ well, that’s a whole other story.

I’m seriously considering jumping into the pool with countless other would-be authors ~ the only thing holding me back is intangible. It’s fear of failure. What if I spend several months..a year…two years (daunting!) writing something that absolutely no one is interested in? Worse yet, what if the story is interesting but the writing mechanics fail to provoke curiosity?

So that’s the reason not to write.

Conversely, there are the reasons why I should put pen to paper.   

  • Passion.  While other little 4th grade girls were still playing Barbie’s, I was sitting at an old school typewriter, banging out the next Broadway play. The thoughts would come so fast that the typewriter keys would become a jumbled wreckage and I remember getting so frustrated because my 10 year old train-of-thought was being delayed by the inability of machinery to keep up.
  • “You should write a book”.  Yes, I know it’s an utterance; an expression. Generally, I don’t think too many people actually mean it literally when spoken to another but all it took was one person to say it to me. I still hang on those words whenever someone carelessly throws them my way.
  • The Dream. My entire life, I’ve wanted to write something that other people respond to. Writing this blog that is then emailed to my unwavering subscribers has been emotionally cathartic on many levels. Sure, many of the subscribers delete the email before opening it up but many of you read it. Many of you respond and inspire me to continue.
  • Time. I’ve raised my children and I’m not currently working. I have precious time to devote to my passion. How many people can utter that truth?!
So what will I write? Well, I’m going to enter into some serious prayer about that. If God puts His stamp of approval on this venture, I’ll know it soon enough. You may even want to, if you think of it, lift me up in prayer also. Pray for my discernment; for me to really listen to the calling I believe He has placed in my heart. Pray for clear direction and, if it is His will, for mentors and opportunities to grow in this area.
In the meantime…it’s you, me and the blog.
Be blessed!


One Reply to “Follow your Dreams”

  1. Amy, I once heard someone say, “Desire plus faith equals endless possibilities.” You already have what it takes to get the job done. New things are on the horizon and He will begin to answer those questions in your heart. Obey. Obey. Obey.

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