Let’s Be Ducks

Forgive me, friends, for my absence from this blog. I think of the blog nearly daily and long for a reconnection between us.

Life has been a whirlwind. Most of it has been amazing; God has done multiple things I stand in awe of~ things that make no sense in the natural but make perfect sense in the heavens. He has taken my life and it’s million memories and details and cleared out all of the dirt that was obstructing my view from how absolutely beautiful each day is…or should be. I have nothing to complain about.

Instead of focusing on the ugliness of each day that we ALL face~ the people who judge you when they haven’t taken one step in your shoes, the financial burdens, the church hurts, the misunderstandings because of poor communication, the daily traffic and grind of work responsibilities…..stop. Please just stop for a second.

we are breathing.

we have a job to do.

we are here to love.

How can we do that effectively if we focus on minutea? We can’t. We can’t love well if we’re too busy with getting our feet unstuck from quicksand. We MUST be more like ducks, friends. We have to let some things just roll off our backs AND, here is the key!…. keep loving. Keep loving even when we feel desperately sad or overwhelmed or angry. image

Keep loving and here’s why. It makes God smile down on us. It brings blessings. It helps us focus on how good life is and nothing else.

With so much going on in our personal lives and in the world, it’s easy to be drawn into worry. I get it. But that posture drags us away from the primary purpose which is to love. Let’s be ducks. Let’s put our faith in God and let Him take care of the problems while we just LOVE.

I don’t always get it right, friends. I fail daily and have to be reminded through my husband, through a friend, through a song, through a written word, through THE word, or through reminders in my spirit that discontent is like telling God that what He does and what He IS isn’t enough.

Forgive me for being discontent EVER. I have no right. I have no reason. Help me to love well, Lord.

Be blessed, friends.