Do you know what love really is?

As many of you know, I generally go and serve at a weekend called Tres Dias twice a year~ once in the spring and again in the fall. In preparation for the weekend, there are a minimum of four meetings that last several hours each. There is much planning that goes in to the weekend itself but a major reason for the meetings is to create unity among the team as a whole and among the specifically assigned sections. It’s not always easy to carve out the time necessary but it’s the privilege God gives us to serve and instead of looking at it as a chore, it should be looked at as a sweet privilege.
I don’t always see it that way when I have to wake up on a Saturday and drive to a meeting when I’d rather sleep.
That’s because I’m just flesh… just failing and correcting and stumbling and standing and trying and succeeding and so forth. I don’t say this with any pride; rather, with humility…and shame.
On Sunday evening, I returned home from Tampa Bay Tres Dias #38 and though I was there to serve, I as fed. Just like always. Nearly every weekend, on the way to the campground, I ask God what it is He wants me to not only DO but RECEIVE while I’m serving. This weekend was no different.

But this is a crazy season in my life (crazy= good, busy, challenging and new) and so taking out a chunk of time was a little more difficult than on weekends past. I questioned why God would have me attend multiple times and even though I didn’t get an answer, I knew I needed to go. I knew I HAD to go and that all things would unfold in His time.

He revealed all. Firstly, I needed to love on and encourage some ladies. Could someone else have done it as well if I hadn’t been there? Of course! But differently. God wanted ME to love on his daughters and I did that to the best of my ability. In turn, the love and encouragement they returned to me was abundantly overflowing. Secondly, there was a sweet reconciliation of a friendship that had fallen to the wayside about a year ago. A humbled sister in Christ came to me and apologized and I apologized and restoration took place in roughly 5 minutes. Thanks, God…..I admit it. I truly am bothered when someone holds an offense toward me for any reason~ even if, as in this case, it was really nothing I did. It feels good to have the wound healed. Thirdly, I needed to bridge some gaps with people. I needed them to know that I am the exact same person I was 6 months ago~ just filled with more joy. I won’t make apologies or explanations for that joy and no one can steal it from me and THAT was the most important thing I needed to absorb in my heart.

Some people say they love but still hold firm to judging or, worse yet, believing their position gives them authority to judge. Let God judge all things~ He’s got it. I promise you that there were some ladies carrying around a bunch of garbage this weekend and not one fiber of my being judges their decisions or actions. I just want them to know that God loves them. End of story.

true-loveHere’s the thing. If you’re the kind of person who is happier giving a gift than receiving one (and most of us are), then serve someone somewhere. Make the time. Stop whining (yep, I’m talking to myself). You’re sowing seed when you give of yourself and sometimes the return is immediate. I’m so thankful for my Tres Dias girls, for my church family (and when I say family, I’m not playing. This church, in its infancy, is comprised of true disciples and I learn from them constantly. Thank you, Overcomers Community Church~ you make me proud).

Okay, back to the world and to reality. I left a lot of stuff on the campground but I’m taking love with me. God bless,