Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Common courtesy has been discarded.
And I continue to be blown away by how blatantly, downright ugly some people wave their flag of rudeness~ like a banner they’ve been awarded! It’s not even subtle anymore~ employers put up with it, co-workers dish it back and forth, families deal with it and the church? Oh, wow, don’t get me started about how ugly people can be inside the walls of “church”. Not my church ~ THE church.
In the last week alone, these are some of my encounters. My husband and I went to a local chain restaurant, were seated and waited about 10 minutes to be acknowledged in our corner table by the bar. That’s another thing~ why are you seating us in the bar when the regular dining room has a zillion tables available? Anyway, when Miss Sunshine finally decided to approach our table after having glanced our way multiple times, visiting the kitchen staff, visiting the hostess and clearing a dirty table, her unsmiling and unfriendly mouth spewed out the following and I so wish I were exaggerating- “Are you guys ready?”
Oh, hi. Hey. No worries about the delay. No worries that we feel unwelcome. I am totally excited about this dining experience and our gratuity.
I got my purse and headed for the car. My husband attempted to speak to the manager but he seemed a little intimidated by Miss Sunshine.

Okay. let’s move on. We paid our new lawn care guy his asking price to clean out our gutters. In April. Two months ago. When we’ve texted him about it, he ignores us. I found him on the street last week doing some lawns and reminded him about it. His response was something about having had a lot going on.  Oh, I see. I responded with a cheerful “no problem. Do you think it might get done in the next week?” He said it would. It hasn’t.   His last promise was it would be done by Sunday and seeing that it’s Sunday, I’m guessing he missed that self imposed promise.

I’ve called several companies about getting an estimate for a screen enclosure repair. No return calls; no acknowledgement. Guess they’re independently wealthy and don’t need to work any longer.

On Friday, we pulled up to our church and both of our reserved spots were occupied. We occupy 6 units in the plaza and have graciously only asked for 2 spaces. Because we had things to unload, we needed to park near the front door and I noticed that one of the spaces had a gentleman sitting in his truck with the engine running. I tapped on his window and kindly asked if he wouldn’t mind vacating the spot because the Pastor needed to utilize one of our spaces. He looked at me like I had 3 heads and said, “Well, can’t you use another spot?” Okay. Deep breath. “Well, actually, these two spaces are reserved for the church and we have the things to unload.” He paused and then had the audacity to snarl, “What if I DON’T move?” UGH……..  you’re a jerk. You’re just a giant jerk.

The point is this. What happened to just being KIND?
Don’t get me wrong~ I know there are kind people and I run into them all of the time but I’m appalled by the snarky, ugly, downright classless attitudes some people are perpetuating. PLEASE STOP. You’re making it super hard for the rest of us to do business with you or to just go about our day.

Today is Sunday. Don’t be snarky to me on Sunday….. I’ve had my fill the rest of the week.

Be kind. Turn the other cheek when you can but don’t be a doormat, either. God doesn’t want a bunch of Christian doormats.

Love you and praying YOUR Sunday is abundantly blessed!

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