Happy Birthday, Blog!


Yes, I realize it’s a New Year. It would be cliche to say “wow, time flies” but seriously….why did the 365 days between my 15th birthday and my 16th birthday seem like a decade yet 2017 was a mere blur?
So Happy New Year. How’d you do on Day 1 of those resolutions? If you snuck in that chocolate goodie that was forbidden, try again tomorrow. Please realize that it doesn’t all hinge on this one day but we all do need to wake up tomorrow and try to do better. We’re on a journey, people!

This month, my blog turns 7 years old.  It’s out of diapers and went through the terrible 2’s and then gained some independence and now it doesn’t even need me anymore! Ha…. I’ve been a terribly neglectful mom to my little birthed blog. We were joined at the hip for quite a few years and then it just got thrown to the wayside because I couldn’t find the “time”. Funny, that brings me to one of MY resolutions for 2018. Make better use of my time. For me, that means picking up my discarded blog, dusting it off, apologizing for my empty promises of reconnecting and making good on my word.

What were the highlights of 2017? Well, Rick and I have a blended family, of course. This year, I finally got to meet his oldest daughter, her husband and their 2 boys. As an added bonus, we got to spend Thanksgiving together in 2017, too. Rick’s youngest daughter had her second child and we were there for that miraculous gift, adding granddaughter #2 to our equation. My daughter’s only son, Killian, turned 1 this year and we drove to Ohio for his birthday party and spent a good amount of time with them this fall. My son married his high school sweetheart in Italy this year. I danced with my son at the reception, naturally, and all I could think of as we were dancing were two things. How my hand used to envelope his tiny one, crossing streets and walking into kindergarten and now his hand enveloped mine… and how I knew I was the best mom I was equipped to be as he was growing up and yet I wish I could have a second chance at it. He’s a blessing and even though I didn’t get it all right, he turned out to be this amazing adult. I also found out that my daughter is expecting a baby girl on Killian’s 2nd birthday so that will round us out at 3 boys and 3 girls…. so far. Wow. Think about it~ in May 2016, I had NO grandchildren and now I have 5 with one on the way. That defies time, doesn’t it?

I became an ordained Pastor. That’s a colossal, humbling responsibility that I endeavor to do well. I am blessed to have as my husband one of the most impactful Pastors I know so I’ve no excuse for lack of modeling.

I lost friends this year. One has gone home to heaven and some chose to exit my life… and that’s okay. I’ve been delivered from worrying about who loves me and who doesn’t. Only one validates me. Only the One. So for those who have spoken behind my back (and I know who they are because the people they spoke to tolerated gossip and spread it back my way~ why don’t people understand that’s how toxicity operates?) anyway, for those who spoke behind my back, you’re forgiven. Your words were ugly but they say so much more about you than they do me.

I made friends this year. I’ve been placed in the path of amazing people. People in our church, people in our Pastors network, people in hospitals, people in restaurants, etc.

This year already has some transitions coming about that I know of and I am certain there are many transitions that only the good Lord knows. One thing remains. His love doesn’t change and He saw fit to give me the husband He had for me that exceeded all of my prayers. Wow. I was such a hot mess and He did all of this for me anyway. Hallelujah!! 

What are you resolving to do or not do in 2018? Here are a few things I’d like to encourage you to do. Get plugged in with solid people. Get plugged in with a solid, bible teaching, spirit filled church. Renew your mind and guard your heart. Learn something new. Don’t be afraid. Be kind. Be forgiving. Love well. Have healthy boundaries.


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