I remember a friend a while back, during my brief dating phase that consisted of dating one man for 2 months before marrying him, that I’d be “bored” with a pastor’s life and a life dedicated to the ministry.
Bored. Okay, I kind of want to speak to just the ministers and their wives for a second but we have to wait for them to quit laughing so let’s just move on.

This life is anything but boring. Challenging, exhilarating, frustrating, multi-tasking, demanding, inspiring? Yep, all of those. But boring? This is a vocation, friends, that offers a daily change in events and scenery, to say the least.  Sundays in the pulpit is a portion of the responsibilities but it isn’t even close to the proverbial ball of wax!

My husband is a counselor, career coach, business advisor, custodian, arbitrator, social worker, servant coordinator, eventsmanager, CEO, fundraiser, recruiter, trainer, scholar, writer, hospital visitor, cheerleader, wedding coordinator, burial officiant and manager. In between all of that, he somehow manages to be an amazing husband, father, friend, and papa.

The truth is that pastors weren’t called to do everything within the church but it takes time to develop the critically important Ministry of Helps. If only those serving in the Helps Ministry knew just how important they are!

But, anyway, when you have all of those responsibilities and pressures on you and then you have an amazing opportunity to merge two churches under one roof, watch out! God is so good and He provides all that we need so my husband and I are just casting the vision and taking steps as He leads, stopping in our tracks when He leads, making u-turns and stepping on the accelerator when He leads. I don’t want to simplify how difficult all of this is, either~ God doesn’t send a telegram. He doesn’t typically sound the trumpets when He’s about to speak to us. No, it’s the still, small voice. Sometimes, it’s so small you need to wait to hear it repeated so that you’re confident of what you heard… but you already know that if you’re a Christian in the truest sense.

Anyway, would you commit to keeping us in prayer? There are many things happening and we could use the essential undergirding of the body. We’d like to keep you in prayer, too…. feel free to email me at PastorAmy@occonlinechurch.com


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