Are you sure you want summer to hurry?

I’ve given up looking for summer. Winter in Tampa has been stubbornly hovering and seems pretty resistant to leaving anytime soon.  Okay, summer, you want to make us really miss you but this could hurt you in the long run! Rebel with me and remember the top ten reasons why summers in the south are something we can avoid for just a little longer…maybe this will make us feel a little better about wearing socks to bed.

1. Sunglasses fog up immediately when getting out of your air conditioned car, rendering you temporarily blinded.
2. Bad hair days. Enough said.
3. You have to walk your dogs before you get in the shower at 6am because by 6:30, temps are climbing to to the upper 80’s.
4. Electric bills take precedence over groceries. I’d rather be cool and a little hungry than full and sweaty.
5. Laying out at the beach seems like a great idea until the day there’s no sea breeze and you realize your     oxygen has been cut off.
6. Cologne and deodorant? Skip it. You’ll be smelly by the time you pull out of the garage. Save your money.
7. The pool water reaches 90* and ceases to be refreshing. And, by the way, who are the crazy people in jacuzzis in July?
8. Mosquitos. Really? Oppressive heat isn’t uncomfortable enough? Scratching bug bites on wet skin is a lovely treat!
9. Melting makeup. Starts on your face and by noon is around your waistline.
10. Bathing suit shopping. Enough said.

I’m feeling A LOT better about temperatures in the 60’s. 

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