Struggling today…

Feeling disheartened this morning ~ the clouds outside the window aren’t really assisting in ridding me of the gloom, either. The problem is this.
We’ve all had relationships with people in our lives that we felt we knew to some varying degree or another. It truly disturbs me to the pit of my soul when someone I’ve invested in, with time or emotions or love or respect or whatever, reveals themselves to be someone other than I had thought.

Purposeful hypocrisy is a bitter pill to swallow. Lieing.

And is there anything worse than suspecting hypocrisy and allowing that to fester somewhere, unproven and maybe subconsciously covered up…a hornets nest best avoided?

While feeling quite proud of myself for being able to see through the facade of some, I missed others that were right in front of me. The bible has numerous examples of this characteristic and I’m not alone in my naivete but it still jolts me when I realize all of the missed clues.
No, not really missed…more like dismissed?

Authenticity isn’t always easy to come by, I’ve learned. In learning that lesson, I’ve also gained suspicion as a close friend, which I despise.
My hope and prayer today is that those who are cloaked in hypocrisy will reveal and be free of that bondage; and that those who are blinded by that hypocrisy will be able to see clearly. Living in truth and speaking in truth should be our goal.

By now, you’re probably wondering where those sunny skies are!! Me, too….

3 Replies to “Struggling today…”

  1. The sting of betrayal is the worst… and when someone we've invested in shows a less than honorable side of their character it is a betrayal, because they chose to deceive us. That's when a relationship needs to be evaluated – it's okay to say a friendship has run its course, or choose not to associate closely with someone. We have the right to re-define our relationships and say "This doesn't work for me".Not everyone will be on your inner circle. There will be those you choose to hold on to, but allow to only come so close. It's wise and scriptural. Look at Jesus' close relationships. There were 3 closest to Him, max… and only 12 on the level after that. Don't kick yourself for being "naive" or wanting to think the best of others. It is a far better way to approach the world than suspicious or embittered!!! Your trusting nature is an asset. Don't let the enemy convince you otherwise. Yeah, we get hurt that way… but I'd rather get hurt because I expect the best in others than the alternative.I'm sorry you're having a rough morning…but the day isn't over yet! Learn from it, forgive and move on. Praying for you, friend!xoxoxoxox

  2. I have some of the best friends….between blog comments and FB messages, many have spoken in to my dilemna today. As I said, this isn't a situation that is unique to just my life. We've all been there.I SO appreciate your words of encouragement. Thank you!

  3. I guess Thursday was the day for that…I, too, should not have been surprised, because I knew it was going to appear, only it appeared sooner than the later I expected. But, a friend on my fb had an interesting saying I read this morning… Those types of people are like sandpaper which can rub you the wrong way and hurt you. But in the end…you are polished and smooth, and they are wrinkled and dull. I liked that. Kinda like….what my mom says…the world turns!!!

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