I work at an amazing church. I’m blessed to be part of the congregation and doubly blessed to be part of the staff.
Like any job or position, however, I could slip into complacency if it weren’t for the amazing things this particular church does to reach the hearts of people. Last night, there was an event held that renewed the spirits of many and it was called Night of Worship.
For nearly two hours, our musicians and singers (who are blessed with gifts that always blow me away), led what I would guess to be around 1000 people in a night of touching and reflective songs to bass thumping and high energy pieces. Something for everyone.
Of particular note was that there were many high school kids there because Wednesday evenings is when they generally meet on campus anyway. Their enthusiasm is infectious ~ there is no shyness when they are singing and praising! I wonder if they know how fortunate they are to be connected to God in such a powerful way at this age and stage of their lives. Their paths will be less thorny than the path I chose and I found myself watching them and smiling…literally.
Music. It can tug at our heartstrings and transport us to another place or time; we all know that feeling of nostalgia~ good and bad. Songs of break-ups to childhood to our first dance as a married couple…
But praise and worship songs, for me, have me rooted in THIS time and space. I’m enveloped in the here and now and can feel God’s presence and it is powerful. How could I ever become complacent working and praising alongside people who can give me those moments? I was moved to tears more than once ~ happy tears of complete thankfulness.
We gave all praise to Him last night for an astounding evening. Hearts were changed; burdens were lifted; souls were cleansed; and minds were restored.
Thank you, church, for reminding me why we do what we do. Thank you for being the vessel that touches the hearts of the saved and unsaved. And thank you, worship team, for the gifts you use to bring Him glory~ I am so proud of you!

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