Thy will be done

I love those one-liners that you read and give you pause to think for a moment. Those one-liners that keep popping back in your head sporadically when you’re in the shower or doing dishes or getting dressed for the day.
This morning, I read such a line via Facebook. “The Word of God” is an application that posts several times a week and, generally, the posts are rather lengthy. This morning, however, it was short and sweet.

…..: ~There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, “Thy will be done in me Lord,” and those to whom God says, “All right, then, have it your way” ….Which one do you choose to be?~:…..

Ouch, this one hurt a little when I read it about 2 hours ago. I want to be the first kind of person but there are times when I slip into that second group. It’s not a defiant attitude; it’s more of a “I don’t understand how this could be Your will for this situation” attitude. 
Hmmmm…that might be just as bad.
I need to be mindful that His will is all that matters. He is bringing me so many things at once and I am thankful for His amazing grace and His support and His sense of humor. He is bringing me unexpected joy in some areas of my life and enlightened knowledge in other areas and it is all His will to do so. God is good and His plan is never to harm us but to bring us to a place of reliance on Him. 
Yes, Father, I’m in the first group of people. I don’t always understand but I will always strive to be comfortable in Your plan! 

2 Replies to “Thy will be done”

  1. His will matters because we can trust Him.
    Getting to a place of deeper trust reduces the number of times we are tempted to dig our heels in and resist His will.

    We trust by remembering His hand in our lives. The giants looks puny compared to our God and we can say “Let’s go, Lord!”

    Psalm 105

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