Going through the Motions

Until we realize that mediocrity isn’t pleasing to God, we’re going to miss the blessings that come from living above mediocrity and closer to excellence.

In what area of our lives can we choose to be ordinary or mediocre and be pleasing in the eyes of God?

Joyce Meyer, God bless her, put that question in my mind as she was preaching about being a person of excellence on her program this morning. Good preaching does that to you… you hear the message and start feeling convicted  and then your mind can actually wander and miss part of the message. The speaker strikes a chord and the listener starts applying the message to their own lives. Love that.

I used to live just about every area of my life in the muck of mediocrity; spread thin and worn out. I was a mediocre mother on more occasions than I care to admit and a mediocre wife far too often.  I dabbled in and out of my walk with Christ ~ straying off the path…making mistakes…huge mistakes…returning and asking for grace…again and again. Mediocrity that didn’t make me proud and, most certainly, didn’t please Him.

The problem wasn’t that I was intentionally mediocre ~ the problem was that I wasn’t intentionally excellent

Deliberate focus and diligence is required to achieve great results. That’s just the long and short of it. I won’t get 6-pack abs by going to the gym once a year. I won’t perform well at my job if I don’t believe in what I’m doing and “go through the motions” for a paycheck. I won’t be a true Christ follower if I never read His word and apply it to my life. …. Changing to an intentional goal of excellence in everything we do will change our lives.

Remember our parents and grandparents saying “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time or don’t do it at all”?  Don’t wait until a bucket of cold water gets thrown in your face that wakes you up to the realization that a lot of what you do is just going through the motions.  You may find it’s too late by that time.

This video is deeply convicting.  For me, I don’t what to look back and say “What if….”

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