Who put that bump there?

The inevitable happened.

W and I have been immersed in various issues ranging from Wally’s antics to salary negotiations to motorcycle equipment to you name it and guess what happened? We kind of lost focus on the things that really need our priority.

Every day, this little devotional my friend Christy blessed me with called “Jesus Calling” is out on the counter and we dutifully read and remark, absorbing the paragraph or so that is generally themed after spending real time with God and making Him our priority…then we grab our coffee and start a day that isn’t always Christ centered. Lately, it’s been daily grind centered.

The enemy even let us think we had everything under great control without focusing on Christ the way we know we should as a married couple. Get this ~ we even remarked to one another how great we paired up through a month or so of great chaos. Go us! And then the inevitable happened….

we hit a substantial bump in the road and because our hearts and minds were focused on the daily grind, the wheels fell off the bus. Big time. The good news is that we can recognize how life became skewed and priorities shifted to a place of imbalance. I credit God with allowing me to recognize that quickly now ~ and I’m thankful that it’s up to me to get it right.  I can make that correction.

Life’s little surprises are always going to need our attention but, regretfully, I didn’t always pair up with God over the surprises this last month. If I had, I would have been in a secure spot when the bump showed up, instead of being thrown into that world of despair and uncertainty like the days of old…shame on me. I knew better.

But our God is good, friends.  It’s never too late to get it right as long as you know what “right” is.

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3:6″

You got it…..straight paths, yes….but there might even be some bumps on the way. Be prepared.



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  1. Amy,
    We all experience bumps. I pray each day for my family and friends to keep them safe ,happy and healthy… You and W r in my prayers. Life is a roller coaster. Hang on… All will be in Gods plans..

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