Surprise! It’s Monday.

2:22 am. I have definitely been awake for much longer but was refusing to open my eyes and look at the clock across the room. Somehow, if I don’t look at the clock, insomnia seems less real.

So what was it this time that interrupted my deep sleep? A full plate on Monday. Gets me every time! I’ve got to pick up my darling canines from their weekend boarding stay, return a rental car and then visit a dentists office I’ve never been to. Assuming I live through my appointment (I’m not exaggerating. I feel like my heart stops every time I climb into a dental exam chair), I then need to begin working on several projects I have up in the air for work.

Monday snuck up on me ~ Monday has quite proficiently mastered the technique of hiding just around a corner and jumping out to scream “BOO!” at me week after week. How I am caught so unaware every 7 days remains a mystery. Maybe a bit of it is that I really do try to squeeze in as much fun as I can into the weekends ~ sometimes it’s a big plan and sometimes it’s just a local motorcycle ride but unless it’s pouring outside, we’re on the move.

This weekend was a trip to FSU for parents weekend. While we were driving around campus yesterday, there were parents everywhere. Photo ops taking place in front of the sorority and dads holding moms hands ( no doubt wondering where the years have gone). I even saw a mom consoling a crying daughter… maybe over a breakup…maybe over being homesick…

We had a great time. The weather was amazing, the game was another win and hanging out with my son and his friends is always special. Just watching Nick in his “home away from home” is really cool to me. He’s involved in so much more than he was as a freshman; working and making his own money, playing intramural football, being dad to a 60 pound teddy bear named Roscoe, leaving the pre-req’s in the dust and moving in to a declared major…I can tell he misses home less than he used to. ¬†Fortunately, he seems to miss his dad and I with the same laid back intensity as always, though. When I thanked him via text last night for a great weekend visit and for letting the old folks hang with him and his friends, he said he liked having us visit. And I know he was telling the truth. May it always, always be this way.

I think my quiet satisfaction with that led me to be surprised by Monday. I wanted to bask in Sunday night for a little while longer.

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