There have been times when I’ve been accused of being just a tad stubborn. It’s true that we often can’t see those things in ourselves ~ preferring to categorize stubbornness as tenacity or loyalty or conviction.   I’m here to tell you, though, that the best word for me is stubborn.

How many times do I need to tell myself that life has got to slow down just a little bit? The only time that I seem to remember that is at 5:15am when the alarm goes off and I can’t believe another day is already upon me. That’s when I usually kick myself for staying up too late or scheduling too many things during the weekend or having too many commitments that very day. By 6am, the coffee is kicking in and I just sort of resign myself to the “it is what it is” mantra. Why do I keep doing this overextending? I suppose it’s because I’m like a 4 year old at a party…I just don’t want to miss anything.      

So the end of 2010 is nearly here (good riddance, by the way) and a few of my resolutions remain unconquered. This one thing ~ being too busy ~ is once again the headliner for 2011. Will I be able to put this one to bed next year? Will I be victorious over my stubbornness? Will I be able to say NO once in a while? Ugh….I sure hope so.

Well, this is all I have time for so I’ll close for now. This week is full of events. Yep, all because I said yes.  🙂   A church membership class, a gala for a worthy cause, a 5k which I will be power walking instead of running, and a group motorcycle ride. All within the next few days. See why I say yes to things, though? All good stuff. How could I miss these??

Let’s see if I can stay as busy as possible through the holidays so that by the time New Years Day rolls around, I’ll be thoroughly depleted. Maybe then, my resolution of QUIET will have a fighting chance.