Who is in control?

We went to Saturday night service this weekend which we almost never do. You know what? I could really get used to it. I enjoyed the music (slightly different than Sunday morning), the smaller crowd, the more casual atmosphere, the delicious food on the courtyard following service AND…the added bonus that on Sunday morning, I won’t be running around here like a chicken with their head cut off and swallowing gulps of coffee that result in a scalding throat.

Another reason Saturday night service was so nice was because several motorcyclists in our Riders of Grace group met up and some sat together during service; others sat together eating food and listening to the band afterwards.  Very nice…though I will admit to driving my car rather than climbing on the back of a motorcycle. Just a wee bit too chilly for me.

Anyway, the message from our Pastor tonight was one of making room for God in our lives; in all areas of our lives. There is a tendency to allow God in some areas, while keeping Him at arms length in other areas.  I was thinking about those words and wondering what keeps me from surrendering every area. I was wondering why I don’t make room in every occasion and the word that popped into my head almost instantaneously was CONTROL. I like to maintain control in some areas.

What happens to be very funny to me is that I know better. I know that I need to turn all control over to Him ~ the areas of weakness and the areas of fear and, especially, the areas of unforgiveness.  In other words, the areas I have the LEAST CONTROL of. The irony of this situation is not lost to me.

2011 is just two short weeks away. I believe I have found my resolution and it has to do with relinquishing control and gaining freedom…a ten pound weight loss doesn’t even begin to compare.

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