I trust You

I reached for my devotional book this morning and realized that I needed to return back to the beginning to start January all over again! Wow. Yet another reminder of how swiftly time moves.

The foundation of todays reading was resolving to do this one spiritual thing in response to your day.

  • When something sad happens, respond with “I trust You.”
  • When something that seems unfair happens, respond with “I trust You.”
  • When something extraordinarily nice happens, again respond with “I trust You.”

If we look at every situation as God’s plan, then it’s easier to accept the unpleasant things in life and we’re acknowledging His involvement in the good things, too.

I spend a great deal of time trying to discern what it is God wants me to do in situations and although that’s not a BAD thing, I think maybe I need to spend less time discerning and more time just trusting.

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