Before daybreak

I was going to write this morning about how sleep cures everything.

For those of you who have missed sleep~ and who hasn’t~ you know what I mean. The time that your body literally needs to refresh and renew is underrated, in my opinion. I fell asleep during the 3rd quarter of BCS National Championship game last night but I can assure you that every big play resulted in a verbal outburst from my husband so I do feel as though I watched the important parts. Once I made the move from the sofa to the bed, there was a little fear that I’d lose my sleeping momentum but, mercifully, I didn’t.

I slept soundly until 4am. It was then that I felt the need to do two things. I needed to text my son to make sure he was safe and sound at the end of his shift which is always around 4am (he was) and I needed to pray. This time, I wasn’t really praying for anyone else but me. I was praying for strength and for the peace-filled Holy Spirit to just envelope me. Left to my own devices, I have little strength.

So a pretty amazing thing happened when I finished praying and I knew that what I had prayed for had been done.

As Jesus said in Matthew 21:22, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

I didn’t really sleep soundly after that; there were random dreams of someones wedding and Devon leaving me stranded at a mall (I have no idea where that came from), but I’ve woken up refreshed. I’ve woken up knowing that He is going to see me through. I’ve woken up knowing that I’m forgiven…again…and that He is well pleased with me.

Sleep does cure a great deal, in fact.

But this morning around 4:45am while wide awake, much was cured. Much was accomplished.

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