Happy Sappy Day

Yes, there was a Catholic saint named St. Valentine. In fact, there were actually 3 different martyrs named Valentine and what we know about them is largely legend.

But what we celebrate, or choose not to, is a love-in-the-air type thing that is all about candy, flowers and greeting cards. Did you know that we purchase 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards each year and that 85% of those purchased are done so by women? We are hopeless romantics.

I’m not a big believer in sending roses to someone at a 300% markup but I do find the romance in bringing home a single flower and a sincere smile. The fancy dinner at an overpriced restaurant doesn’t appeal nearly as much to me as a slice of pizza at home while listening to something great like Harry Connick, Jr. and talking about our day. And, for the record, one day out of 365 to show someone how much you love them seems a little contrived to me.

I would trade this one day for all of the days I get a yellow Post-It note telling me “Good Morning” next to the brewed coffee or for the days when I get an email at 11am just to say hi and to make sure I’m having a great day or for the text messages asking if there’s anything he needs to stop and pick up on the way home to save me time. And the beautiful thing is that he gets that.

Happy Valentine’s Day…..celebrate however you want to!

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