Regular ‘Ole Day

After yesterdays post, I just have to lighten it up a little.
It’s the little things that make a good day a good day. So here are the little things that happened yesterday ~ a regular ‘ole Wednesday.

  • My brand new Keurig coffee maker makes a cup of coffee in like 30 seconds. At 5:30am, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. I need it. Fast.
  • I had the lanai doors flung open this morning before work and had some time to take my cup of coffee and my dogs out for some morning air. No snow, no clouds, no sounds… except birds.
  • My friends caught me eating too many cookies during a webinar. They take accountability very seriously.  🙂
  • One of my closest friends described herself as having  “major breakthroughs” while journaling today. Love that for her.
  • I went to Publix and the gift card I bought for myself in January still had 75 big ones on it. Cool ~ steaks for dinner…and they were fabulous.
  • Enjoyed dinner with my husband of 26+ years. Okay, not monumental…but we’re beating the statistics every day so, yeah, monumental.
  • Heard from both kids. I didn’t have to leave threatening messages that said “Call your mother” either. They texted and called me and, believe me, I recognize the blessing in that.
  • We watched television and I was once again reminded that silence or music is just better most of the time. There’s just something about unwinding that is difficult to do with commercials and American Idol wanna be’s. Thankful for the quiet.
  • Love that the dogs are sleeping in chairs; one snoring, one not. They’re just content when we’re home. We show up, they’re happy. Where else can you get that response from just walking in the door?

I told you it was just a regular ‘ole Wednesday but can’t we be thankful for just having a regular day? I think that if we aren’t intentionally thankful, then we’re missing an amazing opportunity to change perspective.

Prayer for a Good Day

Dear Lord,as I arise
And bend my knee to pray
I ask please place your guiding hand
Upon this busy day

All my yesterdays are said and done
Tomorrow may never be
But I give you full reign over this day
To make the best of me

May each little word I speak
Be filtered through your love
May all my thoughts be connected
To the heavenly courts above

And use my feet to take me
To where you want me to be
Guard my eyes that they would only
See what you want me to see

Give me a heart that longs to show
Others the way back home
And with these two hands help me
Fashion glory for your throne

From the great expanse of eternity
One day is all I can borrow
So help me Lord to take care of today
And we’ll talk again tomorrow

By Anita Humbertson

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