Bring on the Rain

Who doesn’t love a good Monday morning~ especially when it’s replete with rain showers and lightning in the distance.
Actually, I’m pretty happy to see the rain today because we have new plants in our landscape who seem pretty thirsty after last week’s warm temperatures. I’m also happy that the rain came today and not this weekend so the Smith’s could have their outdoor wedding on the Palma Ceia Country Club golf course Saturday evening. The quiet beauty of the setting was rivaled only by the bride herself.
This rain is also going to bring relief to all of those who suffer with allergies ~ I’ve watched quite a few of you be absolutely miserable and now you shall breathe!
Rain makes some of us sit back and relax a little. There’s a very real calm that happens when you find a spot next to a window when it’s raining outdoors.  A perfect moment becomes even better if there’s a pet curled up at your feet, a good book in your hands and a steaming mug of that first-cup-of-the-day coffee all within reach.

I love a good rainy Monday following a flawless, sunny weekend. Everything is washed away and made clean again…    

Tomorrow’s another day
And I’m thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

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