Food for Thought

We all have “hot buttons” or little triggers that are like fingernails down a chalkboard. Some of us have more than others and here are a few of mine, should anyone care. I’m writing them down to share because maybe you will relate to a few and we can both feel better about our hangups.  🙂

  • Men over the age of 14 who don’t hold the door open  for women. Example: I was coming out of Marshall’s 2 days ago and a man of roughly 35 leaving with his wife dropped the door TWICE and I was about 2′ behind them. I do believe I made a remark that went something like this….”I guess in the country where you come from, opening the door for women isn’t really a big value.” He was embarrassed and didn’t respond. Good. Next time, open the door for a female.
  • Time wasters.  Be it bad television, bad drivers, poorly written books, or slow gas station pumps.
  • Continuing to suck on the straw when the drink is obviously gone. If this is you, please consider visiting free refill restaurants.
  • Fusion jazz. Here’s the thing~ if you guys would all play ONE song instead of each instrument playing something different, then the rest of us wouldn’t feel like we suffer from paranoid schizophrenia.
  • Expelling gas in public. Yes, even burps. 🙂
  • Those who don’t really understand Veterans Day and Memorial Day. If you know a current or retired service member and forgot to thank them today, it’s not too late. They will appreciate your support and it is the least we can do. Conversely, please don’t write a Facebook post about how sandy Clearwater Beach is and how irritating it is to you. I know many places (should you care to deploy) where it’s a lot sandier, a lot hotter, a lot lonelier and a lot less your style.

Friends, these are just a few and I feel better having gotten it off my chest…especially that last one.  Tomorrow, the beginning of a list of the many, many things I adore….I pray your weekend was wonderful and that you were able to spend the holiday with those you love.  As a military wife of 22 years, I can attest to how nice it was to spend the day with someone who sacrificed many holidays away from home.

    Father,   As we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy every day, we think of how they have followed in the footsteps of your son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please hold our servicemen and women in your strong arms. Cover them with your sheltering grace and your presence as they stand in the gap for our protection.We also remember the families of our troops. We ask for your unique blessings to fill their homes, and we pray your peace, provision, and strength will fill their lives.

    May the members of our armed forces be supplied with courage to face each day and may they trust in the Lord’s mighty power to accomplish each task. Let our military brothers and sisters feel our love and support.

    In the name of Jesus. Amen.



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