Seat Assignments

Back in elementary school, I was one of those kids that looked forward to those occasional days when our teacher would announce we were all moving seats.  The anticipation of sitting closer to the window, closer to the blackboard or closer to my best friend was really a big deal back then. Of course, now I know that the teacher was trying to reduce classroom chatter by moving kids around but it seemed like a reward to me at the time. Even better were the times when our teacher would move the seating arrangements herself after we had left for the day and we would all enter the classroom in the morning to be asked to find our new seats. Of course, our names were written on construction paper and taped neatly to the top right-hand corner of our desks for easy identification.

The classroom looked entirely different with the new vantage point of a moved desk. Fresher. Newer.   Apparently this made quite an impression on me because I also loved when my mother would re-arrange my bedroom. She was pretty big on moving things around and the family would come home at the end of the day to discover her latest whim played out with furniture. Oftentimes, she’d move things back to their original place a few days later….just as we had experienced enough time to adjust.

Well, I guess it wore off. I liked seat assignment changes throughout high school and when I got a place of my own, I attempted schematic changes then, too. Naturally, it’s a little more of a challenge when you only have a bed, a love seat and a chair   🙂

As my children grew up, they knew to expect that I might get a wild hair and turn things upside down with their rooms. Truth is…I think they liked it, too. So let’s fast forward to yesterday. My idea was innocent enough. Let’s take this ONE piece of furniture and find a new spot for it ~ nothing to it. So I did. The problem was immediate; I hated the new spot….but if I just moved this other thing, and then replace it with this other piece….

and an afternoon of re-arranging was birthed.

And when I was done, hours later, things were fresh. New. I regret that I didn’t take “before” photos but here is the result of my labor and I shall not be moving them back anytime soon.


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