The closet will not defeat me

I’ve put it off long enough. The storage closet in what used to be my daughters room is a tad on the crowded side. I aim to weed it out, organize it and celebrate my victory later today. I will win!!    Just so you know what foolishness I’m facing in this forgotten area, here is a brief synopsis of what I will be seeing today.

  • Our original formal dining room hanging light fixture. We took it down immediately upon move-in because we elected to skip having a formal dining room entirely. We’re not really formal diners. I’m guessing we’re keeping this for the future owners who will consider it outdated.
  • Halloween decorations that I invariably remember having on November 5th every year.
  • Games. They come out a maximum of once per year and result in family arguments because we’re all fiercely competitive and fierce cheaters.
  • Christmas tree lights. This is interesting because my artificial tree is equipped with its own lights.
  • My daughters softball awards..there are a LOT of them. It’s funny how the most important things in the world on one day are just a box of forgotten momentos on another day.
  • Prom gowns. Homecoming dresses. Wedding gowns~ Devon’s and mine.
  • Shoes. I last saw some of these shoes on her feet in 2002.
  • Bags of college orientation items. Well, both kids are graduating from college in the next year….so I consider ourselves excessively oriented.
  • Blankets. Piles of them. We live in Florida.
  • Winter coats. We live in Florida.

These are the things I know I’ll be getting acquainted with today ~ God only knows what other things will be a surprise. I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee, mustering the courage and the enthusiasm that will likely never kick in. I’m feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation so I’m playing possum.

The bright side? My closet isn't THIS bad....

Maybe if I play dead long enough someone else will swoop in and handle that closet?

……That’s the funniest thing I’m likely to hear all day…….and, besides, we ALL know that ignoring the big issues don’t really help in the long run.

At least MY area is in the air conditioning. W, the garage is all yours.  🙂

Wish me luck.
Be Blessed,

One Reply to “The closet will not defeat me”

  1. Hey. The softball awards…take a picture of each one, then you’ll still always have it…but not physically. Just digitally.

    The prom dresses…I think there’s an organization setup to help girls who can’t afford a nice dress. Maybe you could donate to that.

    Now…go get em!

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