Mustard Seed

Sometimes, we have such a revelation ~ in a split second or over a period of time~ that we have to pause and sit in awe. This has actually happened to me a lot in the last couple of weeks. The common denominator for my revelations? I didn’t trust God enough. I didn’t think He was big enough. My faith was small.

Francis Chan calls it “lukewarm” Christianity. Praying, worshipping, praising; all of the right components and still an underlying anxiety that God isn’t working to bring your little prayers any answers. I was right there~ caught in the cycle of “I trust you, God…completely….mostly….sort of….okay, completely….almost….” This kind of mindset is depleting and bankrupt.

So where does this lack of authentic faith come from? It certainly isn’t deserved. When I have asked God to make my paths clear and show me truth in the last few years, He has done so. And to the cynics, I offer just one of many testimonies about God.
Last year, on a normal commute home from work,  I cried out loud (in my car!) for the truth to be revealed about a particular situation and my cell phone rang within seconds. The person on the other end had all of my answers that had been locked tight for years and years and had picked that exact moment to reveal truth. That was God. I knew it immediately; only God could have prompted that phone call.

Doubters call that coincidence. Believers know better.  🙂

Time and again when God would answer my prayers, I was grateful and, yet, each time I was a little surprised that He actually provided what I was looking for.

Not trusting God enough to hear me every time? Counterfeit Christianity. Guilty as charged.

Last weekend, I wasn’t sure God could move mountains again. And yet He did. He plowed through that mountain as though it were simply air.

Yes, Lord, my faith has been as small as a mustard seed. 

And You promised it would be enough….and it was.

My promise to you, Lord? My faith will no longer be so small. You are deserving of so much more. Just because the world around me hasn’t always been reliable and trustworthy, YOU, Lord, have.

You never cease to amaze me and I am humbled by your glory.

Be blessed, friends!

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