Turn that frown upside down!

Okay, so the blog entries for the last few days have been…less than uplifting. Since I don’t care to dwell on something I cannot change, I’m going to move out of the disastrous events of the last several days and move in to the promises of the future.  🙂 
I had a lot of things to be thankful for today so if I focus on those things, my mind tends to get a little too crowded for yesterdays, last years, or last weeks setbacks. It’s a sad thing to miss the multiple blessings that happen each day…we’re so busy, so distracted, so consumed, so bitter, etc. Want to be happier? Focus on the positives and there are always a few even in the dark corners of life (that’s a reminder to me but you’re welcome to apply it to your circumstances if the shoe fits!)
I actually had an app on my iPhone that allowed you to write the 3 things you were most thankful for each day. Jeez…it was on my phone and I still didn’t find time to consistently note them every day. There’s definitely a priority that’s out of whack! So let’s see ~ anything wonderful happen today?

Today, a friend from several years ago told me he has been walking with Christ since last year and his life has never been better (victory!). Today, 3 friends sent me texts asking if I was doing okay and offering to help (your texts meant much to me and rest assured, I am fine!). Today, both of my kids sent me a text or called just to chat (thank you).  Today, my husband wrote me an email from work just to say he was thinking of me (nice to hear on any day!). Today, I had a great dinner at home while the french doors were open and the smell of rain wafted indoors (relaxing).
Coming up with at least three things isn’t that tough and I figure it has to be easier than being sad, right? Besides, the promises of the future are awesome and some day, sooner rather than later I hope, my memory of the last few days will fade like sunlight on a summer evening… there one minute, gone the next.

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