Memorial Day

That was a nice little break! It’s been several days since I’ve visited blog world and I missed writing my negligible thoughts while I was away. It was, of course, Memorial Day weekend and W and I were both fortunate enough to have a 4 day weekend.

We spent our time taking in a soccer game, a Rays game, dinner out, a movie and several hours over the course of 2 days just lounging by the pool. The real beauty? The soccer game, Rays game and pool time were all free and who doesn’t love free? But, anyway, when someone asked me how my weekend was during that laborious first day back to work yesterday (why is it, by the way, returning to the office is so hard?), I said it had been “fine”.

Fine? Jeez, Amy, surely you can recognize it was better than fine. Fine implies mediocrity and a day spent doing laundry or cleaning toilets is more along those lines…my weekend was actually pretty outstanding. My weekend was actually abundantly blessed.

In that brief moment when I was asked about it, though, I immediately recalled the irritations and the inconveniences before recalling the really sweet and funny moments. There is a real danger of becoming jaded with life if that way of thinking isn’t changed. I’d rather quickly recall the warm and comfortable events and have to work hard at remembering a disagreement with my husband or son. I’d rather remember the dogs playing together and cuddling our faces instead of their forgetting to go to the door for a potty break. I’d rather but I don’t always do what I should do; sometimes I do what I want.

Human nature is a blast, right? ~ we have all of these flaws and want, want, want to do what is right and are just victims of our own free will. We have the choice to look at the glass half empty or half full; or the choice to see the good instead of the bad. The choice to forgive or resent; to be bitter or be free.

As is the case with so many areas of my personal journey, I am a work in progress. I’m getting there and maybe even need to cut myself some slack because although the progression is slow in spots, it’s light years from where it once was. Thank God for that.

I had a great weekend. If someone asks me today, my answer will be vastly different than “fine”. I will answer that my weekend was abundantly blessed and I will mean that from the bottom of my heart.           Memorial Day is about recognizing the sacrifice of all who have fought for this country and for the freedoms we enjoy. It occurs to me now that maybe my old friend, Hope, had a “fine” weekend as she remembered her newlywed husband lost in a military mishap so many years ago. Or maybe the WWII vet who attended a parade in honor of his fallen brothers had a “fine” weekend. Maybe we all need to reevaluate what “fine” is.

I hope your holiday weekend was abundantly blessed and that your day will be, as well.


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  1. Amy,

    This hit home I use that word often when someone ask me too. I guess spending time with family is and obligation on the holidays but we are as you put it best “abundently blessed”to have the opportunity, they are alive and healthy and were not lost to war like so many. My hats off to a wonderful blog today.

    Thank you again.


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